Having difficulty marketing while stuck at home?

I have put together a list of ideas I think can be helpful.

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My take away message from this page.

  1. Isolation doesn’t have to be wasted time.
  2. Growing your business when the world has stopped.


Current Positive Strategies:

              Continue networking skills as available

              Continue social media advertising

              Get Creative

              Reach out for help

Marketing Hints

              Make a plan!!!!!!!!

             Don’t try to reach all markets all the time.

             The goal is to establish relationships. 

              It takes a while to gain a book of business. 

                         Don’t be discouraged.

              When things are slow, prepare for busier time. 

                         Preload social media. 

                         Prepare newsletters.

              Learn something new each week. 

                      Does not have to be industry related.

Networking – The most difficult part of social distancing.

     Social networking can be where things start.

     Take it to the next level by reaching out, and personally  connecting after connecting on social media.     

     Look for those who match your perfect client, and reach out specifically to them.

     Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.  “Tina sent me” can create an opening and warm up your prospective client.

     Consider adopting a favorite Non-profit – they need your help now more than ever.

Ask them how you can help.

     Make goals for daily & weekly opportunities.  (I will make 8 calls each day. I will speak with 20 people per week. )

Email Marketing

              Advertise your social media sites                          

             Prepare email marketing campaign for upcoming months

              Put together a newsletter sign up on your Social Media & Website

Content Marketing

     Begin by inviting all personal Facebook friends to join your business Facebook page

     Keep website and social media relevant and current      

     Share free, valuable information such as blogs, videos etc. that help others

     Consider streaming Live video on Facebook?

     Consider using another company for your social media, like HYPE.


      Look for milestones to celebrate:  First year, over 1,000 cards etc.

      Be creative.

      Look for calendar ideas as well.

     Press Release as often as Possible!!


     It’s ok to do virtual events/meetings

     Invite a group of friends/peers to a lunch or after work get together

     Everyone brings their own lunch/drinks and meets at their computer

     Be creative – Come prepared to discuss favorite book/ ice-cream/whatever

              Find special days like “wear pj’s to work” day, or “national 12’s” day, where you celebrate everything that comes in 12’s. (Eggs, clocks, months, etc.)


     Find several people you can refer back and forth – who may have the same perfect client profile as you       

     Now is the time to reach out and network with new people

Referral Program

     Ask clients to refer you  (Who else would benefit from my services?)

     Consider a “thank you” program like a promotional gift or mention on your social media

Community Involvement

     This is the toughest one right now. 

     Look for on-line events like the AIM fundraiser or Catholic Schools “Wear Silly Socks for Down Syndrome Day”

How  can  Proforma  help?

 Signage * Table Covers  *  Give-aways for fairs, etc.  Ideas!!

Feel free to contact me with questions or for ideas!

Tina Thompson


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